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“Youenn Bothorel is a prodigiously gifted luthier who has an eye for elegance, fine detail and flare. I am absolutely delighted with my beautiful new cello which has a deep resonance and tremendous vibrancy and the personality of a much older instrument.”

Bozidar Vukotic, Tippett Quartet (Professor Royal Academy London)

By trying some of my instruments, or by hearing or seeing them, you might wish to commission your own Bothorel violin, viola or cello. I am always very interested in opening up a discussion with the musician in order to translate their specific requirements into a new creation. I strive to accompany the evolution of that symbiosis over the years. For me the making of an instrument is a life-long responsibility.


After agreeing on specific tonal qualities, the model, the aesthetics of the varnish, and choosing a particular wood with striking grain… a deposit will be required before getting started. We will agree on a delivery time following which a period of trial of the instrument allows the musician to make their final decision.

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